Timberwolf Legends 


Timberwolf pet foods unique formula includes herbs as part of their ingredients. But why? A vast variety of plants are the established daily diet of all species of grazing animals, providing the necessary nutrients that their bodies need to function to their fullest potential. The benefits derived from these nutrients, in turn, become available to wolves and other predatory animals as they prey on and consume them.

As a direct descendant of the wolf, your dog still has the same dietary requirements. However, few canine diets contain any form of herbs or grasses. Domestic dogs, like their ancestor the wolf, can oftentimes be observed chewing on grass and other plants. Some animal behaviorists see this as a sign of a deficiency in some essential elements once provided by those now rare or unavailable plants. Hence, Timberwolf works on those mixing herbs to be a part of a well balanced nutritious source for dog foods.

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