With Small Batch, you never have to worry about what’s in your pet’s bowl! 

Small Batch is a small family-owned company based in California. By only sourcing from ranchers and farmers that maintain transparent food policies, they are able to carefully select the ingredients that go into their pet food. They firmly believe in constantly providing good quality food that meets the proper food standards that every pet deserves. 

The company specialises in producing raw pet food that is made from meats that are free from hormones and antibiotics. You can be sure that Small Batch only uses produce that is 100% certified organic and that their supplements containing ingredients such as kelp and bee pollen are always pure, organic and unrefined. All of their ingredients are carefully handpicked to meet the standards that they feel every pet deserves!

Both dogs and cats are anatomically built to benefit from a raw food diet so explore the wide selection of Small Batch dog food and cat food here on Nekojam pet shop!

Click here to find out more about Small Batch at their official website.