PetCubes has an inspiring story. The founder’s dog was diagnosed with cancer, and was told that he had only 6 months to live, despite being fed with premium branded kibbles. The founder took up the advice and assistance of multiple nutritionists and vets from Australia and USA, and whipped up an all natural fresh diet, putting his dog on a strict diet plan. 5 years on, the tumour swell has shrunk to less than half its size, his vet has declared that the dog is in remission and continues to be astounded during his quarterly check-ups.

It is due to this that PetCubes are absolutely stringent about quality; their ingredients are made of organic vegetables sourced from hydroponic farms in Singapore, other seasonal vegetables and fruits are imported from Australia and proteins are sourced from Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands and Norway. PetCubes are also licensed by AVA Singapore and employ HACCP certified equipments and processes to prepare both gently cooked and raw diets.

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