Pee Wee cat litter wood pellets are made of sawdust from the Swedish spruce. This raw material is 100% renewable and biodegradable. The wood pellets have the unique characteristic of absorbing smell completely and soaking up a lot more moisture than any other cat litters on the market.

Pee Wee cat litter tray requires a mere 2-cm layer of wood pellets which need changing less frequently than other cat litters. A 14-litre bag of PeeWee wood pellets can last a cat owner up to four months!

For maximum effectiveness, use PeeWee cat litter together with the Pee Wee cat litter tray. Designed as a two-tiered tray system, the top tray holds Pee Wee cat litter and the bottom tray catches and holds disintegrated sawdust. Cleaning your cat’s litter bin becomes easier, more economical, and environmentally friendlier!

Click here to find out more about PeeWee at their official website!

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