Organic Paws

Have you ever wondered why pets these days are developing diseases that normally only occur in older pets, but at the start of their lives? After the founders of Organic Paws began delving into a comprehensive investigation into the ingredients used in the making of dry pet foods, they discovered how toxic and dangerous these foods were for our pets’ health.

Organic Paws was first started with the goal of educating customers about the health benefits of feeding their pets fresh raw meats and bones. Then, they became an established pet food brand that develops and produces their own raw meat recipes that are naturally nutritionally balanced and biologically appropriate for both cats and dogs – even for young kittens and pups.

This pet food brand does not use any artificial pesticides, chemical fertilisers, antibiotics, growth hormones, bioengineering (GMO’s), chemicals, preservatives or synthetic contaminants in their recipes. Your pet is sure to reap the benefits of having more energy, leaner body mass, healthier gums and more!

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