NutraGold Holistic 


Grains, such as corn and wheat, have been implicated as causes of canine food allergies. Although dogs are able to digest and utilize the nutrition from carbohydrates, their bodies break down proteins and fats more efficiently. This is why NutraGold Grain-Free formulas are made to be rich in protein, particularly animal-sourced protein. A diet free of grains and rich in protein will eliminate the possibility of food reactions to grain and optimize digestion for your dog.

Nutragold formulas are made from superior proteins for all life stages. Even though they are an Australian company, their manufacturing is done in state-of-the-art facilities in the US. The lengths that they go through to ensure quality is very commendable, and Nekojam is happy to have them listed on our range of pet foods.

To learn more about how NutraGold ensures the quality of their products, visit their official website here!