Kit Cat

KitCat Singapore was founded by two brothers who shared a passion for animal welfare, shelters and stray cats. Their dedication towards ensuring the best interests of cats can be seen through their careful selection of the right ingredients for Kit Cat products. Both brothers are committed to being transparent about the sources of their products so that they deliver the best for their cat-loving customers.

Kit Cat believes that nutrition is essential to improving the quality of life of cats. They are dedicated to creating the highest standards of quality for products to deliver visible benefits for your cats. Rest assured that all of their products will be of premium quality and are consistently safe. They have even been certified by FDA, GMP, HACCP and ISO!

KitCat Singapore carries products that are affordable and guaranteed to provide optimum nutrition for your cats.

Check out their range of dry cat food, wet food, cat treats, milk and even soya cat litter below!

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