K9 Natural

K9 Natural Singapore is committed to creating a high-meat, grain-free diet packed with energy and nutrients made fresh in New Zealand. This pet food brand only uses sustainable ingredients and puts palatability as a top priority in their truly unique blend of dog food.

What makes K9 Natural such a great dog food brand is that 90% of their nutrients is derived from grass-fed, free-range meat and cage-free chicken, while the remaining 10% consists of New Zealand green lipped mussels, vitamins, minerals as well as important oils. Their ingredients are then combined in their cutting-edge facilities to bring to you the best and safest dog food. 

Nothing is more important to K9 Natural than the safety and quality of their food which is why they refuse to use anything other than the finest ingredients. Their range of dog food is even backed by world-class research from their in-house animal nutritionist who works with some of the world’s best animal research institutions. 

K9 Natural dog food also meets and exceeds industry standards so you can be assured of a high-quality product that delivers the best for your dogs.

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