Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy is a popular cat behaviorist and the host of the television show My Cat from Hell from USA. He has come up with Jackson Galaxy Solutions Spirit Essences to help pets with behavioural and other problems.

How do they work?

Jackson Galaxy Solutions are not treating specific behaviors, but rather the emotional or energetic imbalances underlying them. Animals (like humans) can develop not only behavioral, but even physical problems due to the systematic upset caused by mental and emotional trauma. Essences correct a negative emotional state by “flooding” the patient with the opposite, positive quality that is the particular essence of that flower, animal, or other energy. For instance, the essence of the flower Holly is love. We use Holly in our Solutions that treat situations where there is lack of love (i.e. anger, jealousy, rage).

By helping the animal feel happier and more secure, we increase the likelihood that behavioral problems will be correspondingly diminished or eliminated. While no treatment can be guaranteed to work for every single case, it is a very rare animal that does not noticeably respond to Jackson Galaxy Solutions.

Quoted from Jackson Galaxy’s Website.
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