Happy Dog 


Happy Dog is run by a family that produces high quality dog food in Germany. As the 3rd generation in their family, the Müllers have long since perfected their unique recipes for the health and vitality of dogs over the years. The raw ingredients used for their dog food are sourced naturally from the bountiful farmlands of Wehringen, Bavaria. With Happy Dog, you can be certain that only the highest quality proteins, together with the most valuable properties of herbs and fruits, are used in their dog food.

Happy Dog has developed unique recipes that are carefully composed of a variety of pure natural ingredients. They promise to source raw ingredients only from the farms of Germany and are hence personally responsible for the safe origin of their food ingredients. Besides, Happy Dog understands that dogs are vastly different from wolves and therefore requires significant less energy than wolves. As a result, they make sure that their dog food recipes have a moderate supply of energy with less fat and more protein.

In their wide selection of dog food is a range of products that combines a set of ingredients that will benefit your pet holistically. These ingredients which include herbs, apple and fruit components, trace elements, linseed and green-lipped New Zealand mussels make up Happy Dog’s Natural Life Concept.

This dog food brand also prides themselves in their exhaustive variety of dog foods that would definitely meet any need that a dog might have. From dog foods catered to dogs with sensitive skin to puppy food for small and large breeds, Happy Dog has got you covered.

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