Happy Cat

How do you ensure that your cat is healthy and happy? Good food and great nutrition (and of course, playtime)!

Run by the 3rd generation of the Müller family, Happy Cat produces the highest quality “Made in Germany” cat food. The Müllers have been meticulous in creating recipes that provide exactly the nutrients that your cat needs. It doesn’t matter the size or age or need of your cat, Happy Cat is sure to have the perfect formula for your feline friend. They have product lines to meet the nutritional needs of your feline. For instance, their Sensitive range consists of grain-free recipes which was specially formulated for cats with food intolerances whereas their Supreme selection has a wide range of flavours for cats at different life stages.

Happy Cat pledges to only use high-quality protein sources and raw materials and ingredients from the farms in Germany. Their cat food is also natural through and through with no added artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives and genetically-modified raw materials.

This family-owned cat food brand firmly believes in being kind to the environment and they exemplify this in their manufacturing processes. Happy Cat’s production facilities always conform to the latest environmental standards and their transport packaging is made from 100% recycled paper.

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