Devoted is a family-owned business that was founded in 2012 by Tom Kibble. The business was jointly-run by Tom and his sister who named the company after their devotion to animals and their own pets. 

Devoted Pet Foods specialises in natural, grain-free pet foods. Often times, pet foods are so highly processed that they are biologically inappropriate for our beloved pets. But the good people at Devoted are dedicated to helping cats and dogs worldwide live happy and healthy lives through better diets. They’ve worked with the United Kingdom’s leading pet nutritionists to manufacture pet foods that ensure that your pet will remain in excellent health. 

Devoted pet foods do not incorporate any junk food ingredients in their recipes such as bad sugars, grains and fats. All of their pet food is entirely au naturel and made with the ingredients of the highest quality. Because of this, Devoted pet foods are hypoallergenic and suitable for pets with bad teeth, skin conditions, poor coats and digestion issues. 

Each Devoted recipe has been tailored specifically to the needs of each animal. For example, dog food recipes all contain 60% meat content and 40% antioxidant-rich vegetables, fruits and botanicals with supplements for healthy joints and digestion. Puppy food contains 70% nutritious meat ingredients which makes it more easily digestible for young pups. Cat food, on the other hand, contains a major 90% meat content!

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