BreederCelect’s uniquely formulated cat litter pellets are made from >99% recycled paper with no additives or chemicals. It controls odour naturally through it being highly absorbent, promising superior performance for cat owners.

Suitable for all cat breeds, BreederCelect cat litter Singapore is also biodegradable, long lastingly economical, and lightweight, which is great for ease of use and cleaning. BreederCelect is also virtually dust-free and will not stain floors as other cat litters might. These litter pellets are also suitable for use with other small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.

Breeder Celect is also dedicated to sustainable litter and bedding. They ensure that the manufacturing process is a closed loop where process generated fines are captured and reintroduced to the process. Breeder Celect cat litter are also lighter! This means that production and transportation costs have a much, much lower environmental footprint. After use, cat litter pellets or bedding can even be recycled as compost or mulch.  

Click here to find out more about BreederCelect at their official website!

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