AATU is the world’s first single source protein diet for dogs and cats. Each recipe contains over 80% meat or fish, and is enriched with 32 fruits, veggies, herbs, spices and botanicals. Cat food and dog food are all freshly prepared and hand-crafted in small batch recipes.

All AATU products is grain-free, and doesn’t contain any white potato and gluten which is a composite known to cause allergies in dogs. With them, you need not worry that your dog might have an allergic reaction to the food that it had consumed. AATU cat food are so highly concentrated that they’d need to use over 3kg of ingredients just to make 1kg of finished product. 

Every batch of AATU dog food and cat food is made naturally without any artificial colours, artificial preservatives, artificial flavours and genetically modified ingredients. You can be sure that with AATU, your pet is being fed natural ingredients only. 

This pet food brand wholeheartedly believes that with their years of researching, observing, using advanced technologies and listening to thousands of dog owners, they will be one of the best products your pet has ever tasted.

At Nekojam, we offer a wide selection of ultra-premium AATU pet food for both cats and dogs. With no artificial ingredients, AATU is a natural choice for pet owners who are looking for quality dry food for their pets.

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