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Brand Spotlight: Happy Dog Singapore + Promotions

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Many of you should have heard of Happy Dog by now! Since its launch in Singapore last year, they’ve been gaining a steady stream of loyal customers.

But for those of you who haven’t heard of this amazing brand yet, here’s all you need to know!

Happy Dog is operated by the Müller family who are currently in their 3rd generation of producing high quality yet affordable dog food in Germany. Being the huge dog lovers that they are, they do everything they can to develop unique recipes with just the right amount of meat ratio for the health and vitality of dogs everywhere.

Wide Range of Dog Food That Provides for Every Need

happy dog wide range of productshappy dog wide range of products more products

Happy Dog takes pride in their sizeable selection of dog food that is sure to meet every need that a dog is known to have. Did you recently welcome a new puppy into your home? Happy Dog has just the perfect kind of food for your puppy – the Happy Dog MINI Baby & Junior Gluten-Free Dry Puppy Food – so that he/she will grow up strong and healthy. Is your furfriend a small breed dog that requires dog foods that are low in fat? Give Happy Dog MINI Light Gluten-Free Dry Dog Food a go! Happy Dog even has food for pups with food intolerances and dry dog food for elderly dogs that need reduced levels of protein in their diet!

They also have in their range of dog foods a varied protein source for different needs. For example, the Happy Dog MINI Toscana Duck & Salmon Gluten-Free Dry Dog Food only contains 7.5% fat which is suitable for neutered dogs.

Just the Right Amount of Meat Ratio

protein in meat to total protein ratio happy dog
Image Source: Happy Dog | Website

One of the most important nutrients dogs require is protein which helps strengthen their muscles and repair body tissues. Adult dogs generally need 18-25% protein in their diets. Happy Dog goes the extra mile to ensure that out of the total amount of protein dogs require, between 70 and 80% is animal protein.

High Quality and Safe Ingredients

happy dog high quality and safe ingredients
Image Source: Happy Dog | Website

Happy Dog only sources raw ingredients from farmers in Germany. This include high quality proteins and all-natural herbs and fruits.

Because only raw ingredients and natural products are sourced, you won’t have to worry about there being any artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives and genetically-modified ingredients in Happy Dog’s dog food.

Happy Dog Natural Life Concept

Happy Dog’s Natural Life Concept was coined with the intention of creating dog food recipes that contain health-promoting properties to aid with your dog’s natural digestion. This concept combines natural ingredients such as fresh herbs, fruits, trace elements, linseed and green-lipped mussels to ensure that your dog has all the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

happy dog brand spotlight Natural Life Concept
Image Source: Happy Dog

Happy Dog Promotion on Nekojam

For any of the 300g Happy Dog pet food on Nekojam, get it for only $5 (U.P $7.50)! On top of that, enjoy free samples at checkout while stocks last.

Sign up for the Nekojam subscription service to automatically receive your preferred pet supplies at regular intervals. Indulge in a 5% discount when you subscribe to Happy Dog on Nekojam!

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*Featured Image Source: Happy Dog

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