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NEW LAUNCH: Loveabowl Dry Pet Food

A superfood power blend of all things nutritious! Loveabowl is a range of dry pet food bursting with exotic flavours…

Nekojam August Monthly Free Samples

Hey pet parents! Did you know that Nekojam gives out free pet food samples when you spend above a certain amount? Visit Nekojam to get free pet food samples for your furfriend! Choose sample-sized pet food from brands like CIAO, Schesir, Stella and Chewy’s and more!

Feline Natural Promotion

Get yourself a free food bin with purchase of Feline Natural's freeze-dried food! This air tight feed-bin is great for keeping…

NEW: For Furry Friends

For Furry Friends isn't just your average pet care brand! It all started back in 2017 when its founders made…

35% Off Pet Rebels Cat Trees & Scratchers Promotion

35% Off Pet Rebels  Add vertical space to your home for your cat with these cat condos! Best of all,…

B2K National Day Sale

Watch this space for a fresh batch of promos every week for your furry friend! New! Sale! $9 OFF: Primal…

2 FOR $5: Pro Plan Wet Cat Food

2 FOR $5: Pro Plan Wet Cat Food. Wholesome nutritiously balanced wet cat food for felines at any lifestage on Nekojam online pet store

FREE TREATS: With Purchase of Taste of the Wild & Nutragold

Get free treats when you buy Taste of the Wild and/or Nutragold dry pet food! For dogs: Sale! FREE STICK…

3 FOR $128: Smallbatch Freeze-Dried Dog Food

3 FOR $128: Smallbatch Freeze-Dried Dog Food. Made from 100% certified organic meats. Shop freeze dried dog food online on Nekojam

Honey Care Tofu Cat Litter Promo: 2 FOR $16

Honey Care Tofu Cat Litter Promo: 2 FOR $16. Save 50% when you purchase Honey Care tofu cat litter on Nekojam Online Pet Store!

35% OFF: North Paw Grain-Free Dry Pet Food

100% grain-free and made from only the finest ingredients, North Paw ensures a tasty and nutritious meal for your pet!…

BUY 1 FREE 1: Uno Doggo Natural Dog Treats Promo

This single-ingredient tasty but healthy dog treats are great for training or even just to reward your pup for being…

[Save up to 30%] Stella & Chewy’s Promo: Just for Cats!

[Save up to 30%] Stella & Chewy’s Promo: Just for Cats! Save on Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried raw dinner morsels and raw coated cat kibble!

2 FOR $35.90: Eco Cane Cat Litter (U.P. $54)

2 FOR $35.90: Eco Cane Cat Litter (U.P. $54) Free from chemicals, perfumes, dyes and other harmful synthetics. Get cat litter on Nekojam online pet store

CIAO Cat Food & Treats Promo: 5% OFF 50-Pack Liquid Cat Treats

Save $2.00 with this 50-pack bundle deal. These liquid treats are not only perfect for replenishing fluid loss in your…

20% OFF: Raw Rawr Freeze-Dried & Frozen Dog Food

Get 20% off when you purchase Raw Rawr freeze-dried venison dog food or frozen dog food. Raw Rawr promotion available on Nekojam online pet store.

Momi: 30% OFF @ for premium-graded hay for your small furry friend? Great news – Momi is having a brandwide sales and…

10% OFF Brandwide: Marukan @

Yep – you read that right! Marukan is currently having a 10% discount brandwide! Stock up on food, toys, accessories…

All Cat Grooming Services Available @ Nekomori Cat Salon

From 19 June 2020, our sister company, Nekomori Cat Grooming Salon will be able to offer it’s full suite of…

Nekoya Cat Hotel@KAP Begins Operations from 19 June 2020

📢 With effect from 19 June 2020, Our sister company, Nekoya Cat Hotel will be allowed to accept cats for…

25% OFF + FREE Treats: Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Dog Kibble

Stella & Chewy's raw coated dry dog food is a simple, less-processed and highly palatable kibble that your pup will…

Introducing – Singapore Online Small Animals Supplies Store

LIMITED LAUNCH PROMO: 5% Off Store Wide From Now till 31 July 2020 From now till 31 July 2020, please…

3 FOR $36 (U.P. $43.50): Stella & Chewy’s Treats

Give your dog little bite-sized rewards everyday with these nutritious dog treats from Stella & Chewy's!

Get FREE Treats with Purchase of Absolute Holistic Dry Dog Food

Absolute Holistic dry dog food is a meat-based, paleo-inspired recipe that is 93% meat & organs and 7% produce &…

NEW: Fancy Feast Naturals

Pamper your cat with naturally delicious dry and wet cat food by Fancy Feast! 20% off your purchase of Fancy Feast canned cat food on Nekojam

2 FOR $10 – Unicharm Anti-Bacterial Pet Diapers

With a breathable design and gentle fit, these diapers are suitable for dogs with excitable urination tendencies. The Unicharm Anti-Bacterial…

Raw Instinct Pet Food Temporarily Unavailable

Update (28/5/20): While Raw Instinct frozen raw cat food is no longer available, here’s a very close alternative that you can try – PetCubes

Buying Pet Food Online During Singapore’s COVID-19 Circuit Breaker

With the temporary closure of physical pet stores & extension of circuit breaker due to COVID-19, here are what pet owners can expect in the coming weeks.

NEW – INABA Dog Treats & Dog Food

From the creators of Japan’s No. 1 cat treats — CIAO, we bring to you INABA dog treats and food. Enjoy our launch promotions for INABA on Nekojam!

PURE Freeze-Dried Cat Food – FREE 200g

Simply purchase a pack of 1kg delicious PURE freeze-dried cat food and get an extra 200g for free! Lovingly prepared…

Tropiclean Dental Care

Tropiclean: Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel 2oz $19.50 Add to Wishlist Quick View Add to cart Tropiclean: Clean Teeth Gel…

Happy Again Joint Supplement

New on Nekojam Online Pet Store! If your elderly pet is facing joint discomfort, give Happy Again Joint Supplement a try!

Fresh Pet Food Co Frozen Pet Food

Kangaroo meat has a ton of nutritional value for your pets! Being chocked full of essential vitamins and minerals such…

Covid-19 Operating Policies

  Dear pet parents,  With the Covid-19 pandemic shutting borders and causing disruption to regular life as we have always…

25% Off Canine Tribute Dry Dog Food

Suitable for adult dogs, these Canine Tribute dry dog food are packed with all the nutrients your pupper needs to…

NEW: NaturVet Supplements

NaturVet is a brand that makes high grade, yet natural supplements for your furry friend to help ensure that they…

Pet Dog in Hong Kong Confirmed to be Infected with COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

[This article was published on 5 Mar 2020] A pet dog in Hong Kong is confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) This is the first case of human-to-animal transmission of the disease.

Wellness CORE Cat Food Promo

Get Free Gift with Wellness CORE Spend more than $99 on ANY cat food to get a FREE pack of…

King Catnip Free Gift

King Catnip Fresh catnip that your cat will definitely go crazy about. Comes in a screw-top test tube for maximum…

5 Dog-Friendly Cafes That Are Also Great For Dates

Torn between hanging out with your dog and chilling with your partner? Here are some dog-friendly cafes that are perfect for a romantic date.

Unicharm Limited Stock Notice

Notice (updated 30/1/20): We are currently facing a stock shortage of UniCharm due to a shipment delay slated for early-March. To ensure that all our customers have a minimum supply of cat litter until the next shipment, we will be restricting sale per customer to a max of 4 packs of UniCharm Anti-Bacterial Sheets (4pcs) and 2 bags of UniCharm Anti-Bacterial Zeolite Cat Litter each until its arrival. Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience caused!

5 Dog Food Toppers For Your Dog’s Next Meal

Make meal time for your dog exciting again! Give these delicious dog food toppers from brands like Stella and Chewy’s a go to jazz up your dog’s food.

Brand Spotlight: Schesir Cat Food Singapore

Nekojam’s Review of Schesir Wet Canned Food Singapore with free giveaway!

Chinese New Year 2020 Closure Dates

The nekojam office will be closed from the 4th to the 8th of February 2019 as the team joins our family in celebrating the annual Lunar New Year festivities!

5 Places to Adopt a Cat in Singapore

If you are considering to adopt a cat, there are several places in Singapore that makes it possible. In this article, we are going to cover five of them.

Guide to Pampering Your Cat

We don’t need a reason to pamper our cats! Every day is pamper-your-cat day. Shower your cat with love by giving it a special treat or brushing its fur.

What makes a good cat grooming salon in Singapore?

There are several cat grooming salons in Singapore. How can you go about identifying one that is reliable and suitable for your cat?

The Best Christmas Gifts for Your Dog or Cat

Christmas is just a couple weeks away! If you haven’t thought about what to get for your furkid, let us help you with our list of gift suggestions

Here’s the 101 on What Holistic Pet Care Really Means

How is holistic pet care different from conventional pet care? Should you make that switch? Discover what “holistic pet care’ actually is!

5 Types of Dog Toys Your Pup Will Love

To keep your dog active and healthy, it is essential that he has access to toys of his own. But what are the types of dog toys available?

The Cat Food Industry: What We Learned from Our Research

Here are the factors you should take into account when purchasing cat food in Singapore to ensure you select the most suitable cat food for your cat.

Dealing with a Picky Dog or Cat at Meal Time

Challenges are what makes life interesting, overcoming them is what makes them meaningful. This quote by Joshua J. Marine perfectly summarizes…

How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails Safely

Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is an important part of a regular grooming routine. When your dog’s nails are overgrown,…

5 Things to Have in Your Pet’s First Aid Kit

So you got done with transitioning your dog and/or cat to raw pet food, and you’re starting to see the…

Top 5 Benefits of Cat Boarding

[First published 29 Dec 2017, Last updated 22 Oct 2019] Are you going overseas for a trip but do not…

Top 5 Dry Dog Food Under $10 per Kg

The basic costs of food for your pets usually takes up a major part of your overall pet budget. Dog…

The Ultimate Kitten Supplies Buying Guide in Singapore

From the various kitten food to the different kinds of toys to purchase, here’s the ultimate list of things to get for your new kitten!

Is Tripe Good for My Dog?

Want to learn whether tripe is really beneficial for your dog? Here are some of the benefits tripe can offer your dog.

The Benefits of Home Made Bone Broth for Dogs and Cats

We talk about the benefits of bone broth and why you’re missing out on this super(liquid) food for your dog or cat!

Old Is Gold – 5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet Today

Old Is Gold– A non-profit nationwide campaign aimed at promoting the benefits of adopting senior pets.

5 Most Family-Friendly Dog Breeds In Singapore

Looking for a new dog companion to be a part of your family? We’ve got you covered fam! Here’s our list of 5 of the most suitable dog breeds for you and your little ones!

[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Choose a Good Pet Food in Singapore

[First Published: 24 Dec 2012, Last Updated: 17 Sep 2019] It is actually quite simple to choose a good pet…

Singapore Ragdoll Kitten Starter Kit

Read more: Feeding Your Cat Frozen Raw Cat Food *Featured Image Credit: Flickr

Nekojam Subscription

Save the hassle of re-ordering your pet’s favourite food each time it runs low by simply signing up for Nekojam’s…

Tips to Maintaining Your Dog’s Dental Health

Ensuring that you brush your pup’s teeth and provide it with a proper diet will go a long way in maintaining your dog’s dental heath!

A Guide to Holistic Vets in Singapore for All Pet Parents

We’ve talked about holistic pet care. We’ve discussed the benefits of holistic pet care. But what is a holistic veterinarian?…

Top 5 Best Fancy & Unique Cat Tunnels in Singapore

Looking for a cat tunnel to keep your cat entertained? Here are 5 of the best cat tunnels in Singapore to get for your cat!

How to Celebrate National Dog Day with Your Doggo

With National Dog Day just around the corner, how are you celebrating this special occasion with your doggo? Here are some ideas!

Feeding Your Cat Frozen Raw Cat Food

Is feeding your cat raw food the way to go? Is frozen raw cat food more beneficial to your feline’s health than dry cat food?

Here’s Why You Should Take a Holistic Approach to Your Pet’s Health Care

Can’t decide if you should take the holistic approach in caring for your pet? We discuss the benefits of holistic pet care in this article!

Wellness CORE Grain Free Dry Dog Food Singapore

Wellness CORE Grain Free Dry Dog Food are a very popular range from a very popular brand (Wellness) here at Nekojam. With its extensive range, customers can find the best recipe to suit their dog’s needs.

The Benefits of Cranberries for Dogs and Cats

Adding cranberries to your dog or cat’s diet can help to prevent UTIs, along with other health benefits. Read about them on!

Brand Spotlight: NutraGold Dry Dog Food Singapore

We let Angel, our office doggo and resident food tester try out NutraGold Grain Free Duck & Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food. Here’s her verdict!

WOOF Freeze Dried Dog Food Review

WOOF freeze dried dog food and treats are produced in New Zealand and made using premium ingredients. Available in Singapore on the Nekojam online pet store.

10 Products to Boost Your Pet’s Hydration

Did you know that water makes up 80% of your pet’s body? Just losing 5% of it causes dehydration! Hydrate your pet with these hydration-boosting products!

Here’s What to Expect During Singapore Cat Festival 2019!

Cat lovers rejoice! The Singapore Cat Festival (SCF) will be returning for the second year running from 27 – 28…

The Ultimate Loyalty Pet Treats Guide + Great Singapore Sale Promos

We let Choops the Ragdoll cat, Angel the Golden Retriever and Tangyuan the Poodle try out Loyalty Pet Treats! Here’s their verdict

A Complete Guide to Keeping Your Pet Hydrated

Celebrate National Pet Hydration Awareness month with Nekojam! Identify the signs of dehydration in your pet and learn how to motivate them to drink water!

Brand Spotlight: Happy Dog Singapore + Promotions

Find out more about the Happy Dog Natural Life Concept and Happy Dog’s all-encompassing range of made-in-Germany dry dog food!

Dog Food Brands Linked to Canine Heart Disease – Should You Be Concerned?

With the recent saga over FDA’s list of dog food brands that are linked to canine heart disease, should you be concerned?

Taste Of The Wild Dog and Cat Food in Singapore

Taste of the Wild dry dog food and dry cat foods are made of quality ingredients and come in grain free formulas in Singapore. Available in Singapore at the Nekojam online pet store.

What is Taurine for Cats?

We often see taurine in the ingredient list on the backs of cat food packages. What is taurine? Is it important to always include taurine in your cat’s diet?

Is there Taurine in Taste Of The Wild for Cats?

Taurine is important for maintaining our cat’s healthy vision, digestion and heart muscle function. Do Taste of the Wild cat food contain this essential ingredient?

What Makes A Good Dog Food

Raw ingredients in dog food and the manufacturer are important factors to take into account when purchasing good dog food!

Brand Spotlight: Happy Cat Singapore + Promotion

We introduce to you Happy Cat – a brand of cat food that promises to only deliver all-natural and holistic cat food for your feline friend

A Review of PetCubes Frozen Dog Food Singapore

PetCubes Dog Food has been a strong advocate of the fresh food movement in Singapore and has impacted the lives of thousands of pets and pet parents. Read on to find out more!

Should You Microchip Your Cat?

We discuss the importance of microchipping your cat and how to go about doing it. We also share with you what to do if your cat does go missing

Essential Checklist for the New Cat Owner in Singapore

Being a cat owner for the first time can be overwhelming. But fret not! With this guide, you’ll be on your way to becoming an awesome cat parent very soon!

Primal Freeze Dried Pet Foods for Cats and Dogs

******************************************** PRIMAL PET FOOD PROMOTION WHILE STOCKS LAST: Purchase 1 pack of Primal Pet Food for just $44 each, with our…

A New Age of Litter Scooping with UniCharm Cat Litter Bins

Litter troubles? Welcome to the new age of cat parenting. Read about the UniCharm Cat Litter Bin and UniCharm Zeolite Cat Litter from Japan, available exclusively on the Nekojam online pet store in Singapore.

5 Outstanding Brands of Raw Dog Food To Try in Singapore

[First published: 16 Jan 2018, last updated: 21 May 2019] Awhile back, we wrote an article about the benefits of…

Feeding Your Dog Frozen Raw Food

Commonly known as “BARF” or Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding, the provision of raw dog food aims to provide our precious pet dogs with a diet similar to what canines had before they became domesticated. This has peaked the interest of many pet owners and, in recent years, the demand for raw dog food has risen sharply.

Absolute Holistic Air Dried Dog Food & Treats Review in Singapore

[First published: 16 Mar 2018, last updated: 22 May 2019] Introduction Absolute Holistic Air Dried Dog Food & Treats are…

5 Outstanding Brands of Raw Cat Food to Try in Singapore

[First published: 3 Oct 2017, last updated: 17 May 2019] A couple of articles back, we wrote about five outstanding brands…

5 Best Cat Litters in Singapore

[First published: 6 Jan 2017, last updated: 15 May 2019] Your Cat and The Litter Box Small in size but…

Zoe Dog Food Promotion

Buy 4 Wet Food, Get 2 Free.
Free Wet food with every Dry Food Purchased!

5 Best Kitten Food in Singapore

Congratulations on getting your new kitten. I am sure that you would like to know what is the best dry…

Nekojam Now Accepts PayNow & Bank Transfer

Great news for Nekojam Customers, we now accept PayNow & Bank Transfer as an alternative payment method when you purchase…

Nekojam Customer Service Review

5 Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews from hundreds of customers on both Facebook & Google Business Page. Find out what our customers have to say about nekojam when they are shopping for their pet food online!

Getting a New Dog – The Essential Checklist

Congratulations on getting a new dog! He or she is about to arrive at its new home! Now, you’re completely…

Brand Spotlight: Royal Canin Pouches for Cats (Wet Food for Cats)

Royal Canin's range of wet food for cats comes in pouches instead of cans. Some benefits of packaging wet cat…

Brand Spotlight: Zignature Dog Food Singapore

Key Benefits of Zignature Dog Foods Limited Ingredients Diet Hypoallergenic Formula Low Glycemic Carbs Meat First Philosophy With one of…

Brand Spotlight: Wellness CORE Tender Bites in Singapore

Hello everyone, we have just listed the latest Wellness product for Dogs on! Introducing Wellness CORE Tender Bites for…

Hagen Catit Senses 2.0 Cat Toys Singapore

Nekoya Cat Hotel has been working with Hagen Catit Singapore to trial their latest Senses 2.0 Cat Toys & Accessories.…

Wellness TruFood Meal Complements and Tasty Pairings Review

Canned foods are a convenient, tasty and affordable way to add variety to your dog’s dry food meals. Click here to read more about Wellness TruFood’s new Meal Complements and Tasty Pairings in Singapore.

The Importance of a Working Metabolism in Dogs

Here’s the truth – There isn’t going to be a commercial dog food that is going to be best for your pet. When is supplementing a diet necessary, and what does a healthy metabolism do for your dog?

Nutrience Dry Cat Food Review and Comparison

Nutrience Dry Cat Foods In this blog post, we'll be comparing the differences between the three ranges of Nutrience cat food and how…

Nutrience Dry Dog Food Review and Comparison

Nutrience Dry Dog Foods In this blog post, we'll be comparing the differences between the three ranges of Nutrience dog food…

Nutrience Dog and Cat Food in Singapore

No Bad Anything – Nutrience Dry Dog Food and Nutrience Dry Cat Food in Singapore is now available at the Nekojam online pet shop.

ZiwiPeak Pet Foods Taste Test and Review

ZiwiPeak air-dried dog and cat foods are natural, complete and balanced for convenient feeding. Reap the benefits of a raw diet without the hassle of rehydration or thawing! Available for sale at, Singapore’s favourite online pet store.

Whole Life Natural Treats Giveaway with Nekojam and The Company of Cats Singapore

Whole Life is re-introducing itself into the local market here with its minimally processed, human grade, and whole food and…

Stella and Chewy’s Taste Test and Review

Stella and Chewy's Freeze Dried Foods for Cats and Dogs Stella and Chewy's has been all the rage on the web…

Stella & Chewy’s Pet Food Launch in Singapore

Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried, high quality dog and cat patties and nuggets are now available in Singapore at!

Solid Gold Pet Food Singapore

Nekojam is proud to carry Solid Gold’s line of pet foods for dogs or cats in Singapore. Purchase Solid Gold dry pet food, canned pet food, cups or pouches on our online pet store.

Sun Soakers 2016 – The Amazing Inu Race

Sun Soakers 2016 is back with a bang! Join us at this year’s highlight, The Amazing Inu Race. Race packs for 2 contestants start from $50.

K9 Natural Pet Food Products in Singapore

Nekojam is proud to carry K9 Natural pet foods in Singapore. Made in the unspoiled environment of New Zealand using pure, natural and human-grade ingredients, K9 Natural is one of the most popular brands for pet parents who take their pets’ nutrition seriously.

Berry Up with Cranimals Supplements!

Angel and Debrah post a review of Cranimals cranberry supplements in Singapore!

OraPup Dog Breath Brushes

Did it ever occur to you that doggy breath could be caused by bacteria on your dog’s tongue? Read here about OraPup’s innovative solution to your beloved pet’s foul-smelling mouth!

The Lowdown on Diatomaceous Earth

Many pet owners in Singapore have asked us about diatomaceous earth and whether it is safe to use on and around pets. Find out more about this product!

GO! Pet Food for Dogs & Cats Singapore

Looks like something’s brewing in the pipeline – Today, B2K Pet Products, supplier of Primal Pet Food and Merrick Pet Food in Singapore, hinted at the impending arrival of a new brand to the shores of our little island home, on their Facebook page.

Honey Care U-Play Pee Pads 3 for $60 Free Delivery Promotion Singapore

Super Absorbent Pee Pads for Dogs Honey Care U-Play Pee Pads for Dogs lock in moisture instantly, and dry in…

Taste This! » Sojos Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

Introducing Sojos Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Honestly, we love it when new brands become available for our pet parents,…

Sojos Freeze Dried Dog Food Singapore

Sojos has finally arrived in Singapore, and Nekojam is proud to be one of the retailers to bring this great brand of…

Get Clean with APT 1022 Shampoo

Bathing your pet dog or cat is important for good coat health. Read our review of APT. 1022 Shampoo in Singapore and how it fares!

EasyTreats DIY: How to make dog friendly Bak Kwa (chinese style jerky)

A Singapore, Do It Yourself (DIY) Guide to making dog friendly Bak Kwa ( Meat Jerky) this Chinese New Year.

Chew Time and Nekojam Joint Giveaway

In celebration of our tie-up with Chew Time Singapore, a supplier of healthy, natural chews for dogs, we’re launching a simple giveaway for all pet parents on the Nekojam Facebook page and Instagram account!

Talking Tripe with Nutripe Pet Food

In this post we take a closer look at Nutripe Singapore’s special ingredients and how they’re beneficial for dogs and cats!

Stewart Raw Naturals Freeze Dried Dog Food in Singapore

Its been a while since we’ve seen a new entrant to the freeze dried raw dog food market in Singapore,…

Reviewing the Kuranda Orthopaedic bed for Singapore Dogs

The Kuranda orthopaedic dog bed is made of a sturdy, durable frame and boasts easy-to-clean, comfortable fabrics for dogs!

Reviewing the Neater Feeder Elevated Food & Water Bowls for Singapore Dogs

Our review of the Neater Feeder for dogs encompasses an introduction, our first look of the Neater Feeder and our experience testing it over a week’s use!

Wysong Dog and Cat Food Launched in Singapore

Wysong Pet Foods for cats and dogs are now available in Singapore. Shop 11 formulas in total from the Wysong Original and Wysong Epigen range.

Nekojam’s Valentine’s Day Instagram Contest Giveaway 2015!

Want to win these goodies from awesome brands such as Pooch & Mutt, Fruitables, Happi Doggy and Kong‘s new range…

Brand Spotlight: CATIDEA Double Comfy Cat Bed Review

On top of our Chinese New Year CATIDEA promotion, we would like to do a simple review on our favourite product from our CATIDEA range – the Double Comfy Cat Bed!

New Arrivals: KONG Dog and Cat Toys Singapore (Spring 2015)

We are excited to announce that a new range of KONG dog and cat toys have just arrived and are now available on!

Old is Gold Adoption Drive at *SCAPE Singapore

Come down to the “Oldies Only” Senior Pet Adoption Drive this Sunday, the 8th of February 2015 from 12PM to…

Cat-Man-Doo Singapore Review & Introductory Promotion – 10% OFF

For a limited period only, enjoy our introductory price on all Cat-Man-Doo cat and dog natural treats Singapore!

Insight into Nekojam’s Pet Food Repackaging Service

Here at Nekojam, we offer pet food repackaging service to our customers for all dog and cat dry food in Singapore.

Petty Picks: 5 Dog Treat Bakeries in Singapore

We took a look at treats from Barking Good, Feed my Paws, The Barkery, The Snoring Dog, and Pawsitive Treats.

Dogs Of Instagram Singapore 2014 Christmas Party

Check out some snippets from the recent Dogs of Instagram Singapore Party we attended.

Foobler Review: Skippy and Sandy Go Foobler Crazy!

Skippy and Scramble were adopted since they were 18 days old, and since then, we have brought home at least…

Sasha’s Foobler Review!

Nekojam’s Notes: This review is guest written by the lovely Carrie from Pooch Pantry Singapore, a home based bakery that…

Taste This! » Holistic Select Dog and Cat Food

About a week ago, the good folks at Holistic Select Dog and Cat Foods Singapore were kind enough to offer…

The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog & Cat Foods

Hi Everyone! Today we've got a lesser known, but thoroughly nutritious brand of food for you to learn about. It's…

Chasing Tails » KONG Toys for Dogs and Cats

Heads Up! Which dog parents has never heard of the KONG Company? We hope you aren’t one, because if you…

Dry Pet Food for Dogs and Cats

Hi Everypawdy! Today, we’re going to talk about one of the most popular types of feeding methods for dogs and…

Fighting Odour with PeeWee Litter — A Journey

Litter Spotlight: PeeWee Litter As a cat owner for the past 13 years of my life, I’ve gone through a ton of…

Nekojam Pet Food Advisor – Choosing Quality Pet Food

There’s so much talk nowadays about poor quality ingredients in pet feed. Companies making use of unscrupulous means to earn…

Brand Watch: Great Life Pet Food

It’s so delicious, perhaps it’ll have your pet dog or cat surfing by the beach in happiness! Heads up, pet…

MYTH BUSTED: The Truth About Grain Free Pet Food!

Alright, ‘fess up– How many times have you heard that grain free pet foods are the best? Do a quick…