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Bless A Shelter

What is the Bless a Shelter Initiative?

The Bless a Shelter Initiative aims to help those who wish to pledge pet food and supplies to aid homeless animals residing around Singapore, as well as make the process of donating hassle-free and convenient for all.

For shelters, this means…

  • One-stop destination for appeals and donations
  • Bulk donations direct to the shelter address
  • Dedicated point of contact between yourself and our team

For donors, this means…

  • Choose from a variety of over 5000 products for donation
  • Cheaper prices for better savings
  • Communications with the shelters will be handled by us, for your convenience
  • Anonymity – We promise to keep your identity confidential



Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter Ltd (OSCAS) is a registered charity devoted to caring for over a hundred rescued stray mixed breeds. These dogs are rescued directly from the streets, industrial estates, parks and urbanisation of jungles to save them from being culled by the local authorities. More than a hundred ‘Singapore Specials’ call OSCAS their home as they wait for their right families to come along.

Nekojam hopes to help OSCAS by collecting food donations for the many dogs that share the shelter premise.

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OSCAS's Picks


LiFeline was set up in 2013 in support of Aunty T, an independent rescuer, who at the age of 70+ years old, works fiercely and tirelessly to get by to support herself and her rescued home full of cats. When Aunty T’s lease expired, she was left with no choice but to find homes for all of the felines under her care, some of which were getting on in years and stood little chance of finding new caregivers.

LiFeline has since boarded all the cats at commercial catteries, and urged members of the public to help share the cost of giving these cats a roof over their heads, and food to eat. By stepping in, LiFeline has not only helped Aunty T alleviate her financial burden, but also acts as a middleman for adopters to find a cat suited for their homes. As of 2015, the number of cats left at LiFeline’s two catteries stands at 25.

Shelter Address: LiFeline houses its cats in multiple catteries. Donations will be send directly to a volunteer’s residential address and brought to the shelter personally.

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Causes for Animals

Causes for Animals Singapore Limited (CAS) is an animal welfare charity set up to support the needs of local animal welfare in Singapore. With over 30 years of experience in animal welfare and rescue, CAS has implemented an adoption and rescue program that has seen a success rate of 98%, alongside a successful stray management program.

CAS has plans in place for proper management of their stray dog packs, puppies, and an adoption centre that houses dogs (and some cats) in need of a period of recovery from illness or injury, and even rehabilitation prior to finding new homes for them.

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Action for Singapore Dogs

Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) was established in December 2000 as a non-profit organization with the mission to improve the welfare of stray and abandoned dogs in Singapore.

ASD conducts many animal welfare related activities and plays an active role in rescuing, fostering and the re-homing of stray and abandoned dogs, advocating sterilization as a means of controlling the stray population, heightening public awareness of the responsibilities involved in pet ownership and highlighting the virtues of our local dogs.

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Gentle Paws

The Gentle Paws shelter is privately run by a group of fervent dog lovers. Gentle Paws focuses primarily on fostering, rescuing and rehoming Singapore Specials, and hopes to provide a safe and happy environment for those unlucky enough to not find a happy family to make themselves a part of.

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Gentle Paw's Picks

HOPE Dog Rescue

HOPE Dog Rescue is a volunteer run organization that does not operate out of a shelter; individual fosterers work together to help rehabilitate and provide temporary shelter and care for Singapore Specials in need.

HOPE Dog Rescue lacks manpower and as such, relies heavily on kind hearted souls to help where they can in the areas of fostering, donating, or contributing supplies such as old towels, leashes and medication to their cause.

Shelter Address: HOPE Dog Rescue does not have a shelter address. As such, all donations will be sent to a designated volunteer’s address and distributed to individual fosterers internally.

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  • Add your donations of choice to your cart
  • Use the code “DONATEFORLOVE” at checkout to receive a 10% discount on all qualifying items
  • Specify the shelter you’d like the donation to go to and enter a dummy address (etc. Blk 123 Gentle Paws Road) so we can amend it to that of the receiving volunteer ourselves when the order is received.
  • You’re done! We’ll take it from here, and you’ll hear from us when the delivery is ready to ship to confirm all details.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Canned foods should be donated in quantities of 12 and above to receive a bulk purchase discount. As such, they are not applicable for the 10% donation discount on top of the bulk purchase discount.
  • All donations will be collected and dispatched to their respective shelters in the last week of each month.
  • Items for donation should be purchased and submitted in a separate order from those for delivery to a personal address, for personal use.
  • Nekojam reserves all rights to amend the terms of the Bless a Shelter Initiative without prior notice
  • Items purchased for donation are strictly non exchangeable nor refundable. Please refer here for more information pertaining to refunds, exchanges and more
  • Discounts are not applicable to items on sale

Q: What if my donation is below $59?

A: Apply the coupon code “FREEDOND” at checkout. That’ll grant you free delivery on the donation. Just bear in mind, though, that it’ll be delivered at the month’s end.


Q: What if the shelter I want to donate to isn’t on the list?

A: That’s fine! You will have to provide the shelter’s full address and contact number of someone we can get in touch with, that’s all. Please ensure that the delivery address is not a residential one. Donations have to go directly to an animal shelter.


Q: I volunteer at a shelter. I think we would like to be part of the Bless a Shelter Initiative! Can we?

A: Definitely. Please drop us an email at and the right person will be in touch to help get you on the list as soon as possible.

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