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5 Best Kitten Food in Singapore

Congratulations on getting your new kitten. I am sure that you would like to know what is the best dry food you can get here in Singapore for your growing kitten. There are 5 key things to look out for when choosing the best dry food for your kitten.

  1. Grain Free
  2. Quality Proteins
  3. High Protein Levels
  4. High Omega Levels
  5. High Fat Content


How We Rank Best Quality

Out of 100 Points.

  • Grain Free = +20 points
  • Quality Proteins (No By Products) = +20 points
  • High Protein Levels = Rank 1-5, each rank = 4 points out of 20 points
  • High Omega Levels = Rank 1-5, each rank = 4 points out of 20 points
  • High Fat Content = Rank 1-5, each rank = 4 points out of 20 points

The dry kitten foods that we recommend here are from reliable brands and these products contain higher quality products as compared to other brands. Please take a look at these product and strongly consider them for your kitten.

Grain Free

Grains such as corn, wheat and rice are usually found in dry kitten food as they are required to bind the meats to form the kibble biscuit shape. As grains as they are not in a cat’s natural diet, it has led some scientists to believe that cats are unable to break them down leading to possible allergic problems. (source)

Protein Levels

Wellness Core - Grain Free
Meowing Heads - Grain Free
Nutrience - Grain Free
PureLuxe - Grain Free
Sanabelle - Grain Free

Quantity of Protein

This is how much protein is found in the kitten food. This information is usually found in the nutritional analysis under protein percent. A higher precent means that you are paying for more meat which is what your growing kitten needs most. It is also the most costly part out of the entire ingredient list so a higher protein percent can also indicate a more “value” product.

Protein Levels

Wellness Core - 45%
Meowing Heads- 36%
Nutrience - 36%
PureLuxe - 34%
Sanabelle - 34%

Quality of Protein

However, we must also look out for the quality of the protein. As protein percentage can be easily increased through the addition of  meat by-product meals. Look inside the ingredient list to find out more about what goes into your kitten food. It is usually a requirement to list the most present ingredient in the front of the list. Seeing a meat there is good. Good quality protein comes from natural sources instead of from parts of meats that are leftovers called by-products that are used to make meat meals.

n.b. this list contains no products with by-product meals.

Protein Levels

Wellness Core - No By-Products
Meowing Heads - No By-Products
Nutrience - No By-Products
PureLuxe - No By-Products
Sanabelle - No By-Products

Quantity of Omega Oils

High levels of omega oils are also another indication of a quality products. Recent studies have found that the benefits of DHA and AHA found in omega oils have been proven to improve the development of brain tissues.

For cats and dogs, the omega-3s eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) play an important role in various body functions. Studies show DHA is especially important for kittens and puppies, as it is crucial for the development of tissue in the brain and retina of the eye. Research has shown DHA improves cognitive, memory, psychomotor, immunologic and retinal functions in growing dogs

Jodi Ziskin, source

Omega (6, 3) Levels

Wellness Core - 4.75, 1.25
PureLuxe - 3.75, 1.25
Nutrience - 3.8, 0.3
Meowing Heads- 2.7, 0.9
Sanabelle - ?, ?

High Fat Levels

Another indicator of quality kitten food can be found in the fat content that is provided on the product packaging. As omega 3 and omega 6 are essentially fats, we can assume that having a high fat content will equate to having more essential fatty acids in the kitten food. (Source)

As kittens have high energy requirements, having a high fat percent gives your kitten more energy to play and explore. Dry foods with high fat tend to be more flavourful thus they might be more appealing to picky kittens.

Fat Levels

Sanabelle - 22%
Nutrience - 20%
Wellness Core - 18%
PureLuxe - 18%
Meowing Heads- 18%

Best Kitten Food

Wellness CORE Grain Free Kitten Dry Cat Food ( 92 Points)

Wellness Core Kitten is a popular kitten food with it’s grain free formula that is unlike other brands of kitten formula that contains grains. Grain free formulas are usually made from higher quality ingredients which is important for the nutritional requirements during the formative years of your cat.

2nd Best Kitten Food

PureLUXE Grain Free Holistic Kitten Dry Cat Food (80 Points)

PureLUXE Kitty Cat formula is for any breed of kitten and is made with Fresh Chicken as it’s first ingredient. Contains high amounts of active probiotics, taurine and omega fatty acids for healthy kitten development.

3rd Best Kitten Food

Nutrience Infusion Chicken Dry Kitten Food (64 Points)

Nutrience infusion is a Canadian made food, combining fresh, never frozen chicken, low-glycemic whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and nutrient-rich botanicals. This protein-rich kibble is infused with freeze-dried chicken liver for superior flavour that even the finickiest pets will crave.

4th Best Kitten Food

Meowing Heads Smitten Kitten Dry Cat Food
(56 Points)

Meowing Heads Smitten Kitten has been specially formulated for all your growing kitten’s needs. This super yummy recipe is made with 100% natural chicken and fish, using only the best quality, natural ingredients.

5th Best Kitten Food

Sanabelle Dry Kitten Food (47 Points)

Sanabelle Dry Kitten Food with the extra advantage of fresh poultry (min. 20%) is manufactured without cereals containing gluten, supports the optimum development of kittens due to its high nutrient density. Furthermore it satisfies special nutrient requirements of foetus development in pregnant cats as well as promotes the milk supply for lactating cats.

Disclaimer: Although Sanabelle might come in as out 5th best kitten food, we would like to note that are unable to find any information on the guaranteed omega 6 & 3 levels in Sanabelle Dry Kitten Food. However, judging from the fat percent, and that the ingredient list does contain salmon oil, it is safe to assume that this formula does have a high amount of omega 6 & 3 essential fatty acids. From this, we can imply that this formula should rank higher than it’s current rank but we need to be fair to the other products as this is only an assumption.


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