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The Benefits of Home Made Bone Broth for Dogs and Cats

The Benefits of Home Made Bone Broth for Dogs and Cats featured image

[First published: 24 Jun 2016, Last updated: 26 Sep 2019]

Have you ever caught yourself eating or drinking something delish, then looked down and found your dog or cat had snuggled up to you for some? On more than one occasion, we’ve caught ourselves sneaking a piece or sip of what we’ve been eating for our beloved furry friends… Because honestly, who can resist? Doing this, however, isn’t necessarily beneficial. Most human foods contain excessive amounts of preservatives, additives and flavourings that make our foods tasty for us, but unnecessarily addictive for our pets. But what other alternatives are there for healthy human-pet foods that we can share in the home?

Today, we’re talking about bone broths! The closest there is to an easy soup that is healthy and super beneficial for our dogs or cats.

Why Feed Bone Broth to Your Dog or Cat?

What are bone broths, though? In a nutshell, bone broths are nutrient-dense stock. They’re flavoured liquid, and in this case, a naturally flavoured one that has a wealth of practical and health-related benefits!

homemade bone broth for dogs and cats The Barkery Singapore Probiotic Chicken Broth Up Close

Bone broth is safe and can be readily fed to a healthy dog or cat. It is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, and for the following reasons, should be regularly incorporated into your pet’s diet!

  1. Appetizing to the Finicky, Sick, and Aged

Bone broth is a great comfort food for pets who are frail, weak, unable to chew, or otherwise refuse to eat. Bone broths are easy to drink, taste great, and have a powerful concentration of nutrients that are needed to gain strength or recovery.

  1. Aids in Joint Repair and Recovery

Bone broth is a great supplementation for dogs or cats that suffer from poor joint health. As our beloved pets age, their joints and ligaments deteriorate, and often lead to pain and mobility issues, similar to humans when we get old. The most common solution to this is to supplement their diets with glucosamine and chondroitin, but it isn’t always easy to do so when these often come in powder or pill form.

Since bone broth is naturally made by simply boiling the bones of an animal, it’s no wonder why it’s rich in calcium, phosphorus, collagen, as well as…you guessed it — glucosamine and chondroitin. These will all go a long way in helping to restore and repair your dog or cat’s ageing joints!

  1. Boosts Gut Health and Liver Detoxification

It’s easy to figure that humans go through lots of stress on a regular basis, but did you know that livers are also affected by external influences? Honestly, we put our pets through a lot — application of commercial flea and tick repellents, clean floors mopped thoroughly with harsh chemicals, and grasses sprayed with pesticides. Even our food and water contains toxins that the liver has to purify for us! Bone broth has been found to contain glycine, the amino acid required by our livers (and our pets’) to filter these, and keep our bodies functioning healthily.

  1. Great for Hydration

Bone broths are a terribly straightforward way to get our pets to increase their liquid intake. Not all dogs or cats enjoy drinking water (cats themselves have incredibly low thirst drives) so bone broth can be fed in liquid form alone, or even added to commercial pet foods!

You can choose to use bone broth to moisten kibble, or rehydrate dehydrated or freeze dried raw dog or cat food. It’s better than just using water, and kills two birds with one stone.

The Barkery Singapore’s Home Made Bone Broths

While bone broths are easy to prepare, the caveat to obtaining them is really that they take quite some time to make. The process of making bone broth simply involves adding pure water, meaty bones into a pot, along with a dash of apple cider vinegar (to help extract the nutrients from the marrow in bones). The ingredients are then slow cooked over a fire. It sounds simple enough, but the reality is that most pet owners don’t have the luxury of time. Also, it’s dangerous to leave an open fire out, especially if no one’s home to keep an eye on it.

The Barkery Singapore carries, amongst its collection of yummy, home made products for dogs, bone broth! As we’ve covered, it’s totally safe and beneficial for cats as well.

A Closer Look

The Barkery’s bone broths come in three variations; chicken, pork and beef, so your pet can be easily spoilt for choice without you having to go through the hassle of preparing three separate pots of broth for it!

home made bone broths for cats and dogs The Barkery Singapore Bone Broths

With the belief in making healthy foods for our pets, The Barkery does not use any additives, preservatives, flavours or colours in their foods, including their bone broths.

bone broth for cats and dogs The Barkery Singapore Probiotic Chicken Broth

home made bone broth for dogs and cats The Barkery Singapore Beef Bone Broth

home made bone broth for cats and dogs The Barkery Singapore Pork Bone Broth

We love how they come in different shapes for easy identification! Technically, you could serve bone broth after boiling it for a few hours. The longer it’s cooked, the higher the nutrient count! But these have come a long way, having been slow cooked for more than 48 HOURS before being hygienically frozen into blocks for easy portioning. Bet you can’t beat that!

It is important that the softened, cooked bones are removed from bone broths, as these can pose a choking hazard to our dogs or cats if ingested. Thankfully, The Barkery’s broths didn’t have any of those. A pack is the equivalent of 350ml of bone broth.

home made bone broth for cats and dogs The Barkery Singapore Pork Bone Broth Melted

Angel has been on Addiction’s kibble and dehydrated foods. She does pretty well on it and enjoys their flavours immensely, so I decided to try using the Barkery’s pork bone broth to rehydrate her dinner. One mistake I made was putting the ice cubes into the bowl without thinking about how to defrost them (oops!) so please heat them up if you don’t want your dog waiting for its meal eagerly. As you can see, each cube contained some meat! Meat is always welcome in Angel’s opinion.

Time for food!
Time for food!

I’m not sure if Angel could smell the bone broth in her bowl, but she was very excited about the food. More so than usual, but then again, she is a big fan of the Barkery’s products! 5 cubes gave us a good amount of broth for the amount we were rehydrating. We could have used less. She really enjoyed the meal and was willing to eat the broth cube (still frozen!) even though she HATES ice. That’s one big step for Angel! We highly recommend this and have received positive feedback from the other pet parents who have so far made purchases of it.

The Barkery Singapore Bone Broth Promotion

Alright, that’s it from us today! If you’ll otherwise be trying to make a pot yourself at home, let us know how it goes!

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