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Hi there! Welcome to the Nekojam Online Pet Store.

Based in Sunny Singapore, we specialise in providing quality pet food and more, to all sorts of creatures and critters – Dogs, cats, little animals (think hamsters, rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs), and reptiles. Put simply, we cater better pet supplies, for better pet parents.

That’s because a pet is more than a responsibility to us; it’s family. Our wide selection of products is carefully selected and our prices are compared across the board to ensure competitiveness, while our deliveries are conducted almost daily, with flexible slots available to cater to your busy schedules. We promise to get your pet supplies to you within 1-3 working days, so your furry friend won’t ever have to go hungry again!

A healthy pet, is a happy pet.

We believe this enthusiastically, and that’s why you’ll find that at Nekojam, your pet’s health and happiness will always be our priority.

Our advices, as well as recommendations, are tailored to your pet’s individual needs and preferences, and we promise never to inflate our products to be more than they are.

Pet ownership is more than just providing for a pet. It’s a lifestyle, and entails caring for our furry friends as equal beings, and making them part of a family– Your family, through good times and bad, for better or worse. It is the Nekojam team’s personal mission to help pet owners far and wide embark on their journey to becoming informed individuals when it comes to selecting a proper diet for their furry friends.

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Business Whizz


Founder of Nekojam.com and the tallest guy on the block, Jeremy is the office’s jack of all trades. He has a penchant for cars and watches, but also frogs – Which makes him unlike most other men. Besides calling the shots at Nekojam, he also runs its digital arm; Iluma Web Design.

Chief Cat Lady


Founder and CEO of Nekojam.com, Debrah began the Nekojam web store fresh out of university in 2012 armed with nothing more than a Bachelor’s in Marketing. She loves working on a cool idea, but spends an equal amount of time covered in cat fur at The Nekoya Cat Hotel.

Web & Design

Yen Nee

For someone terrified of pets, we aren’t quite sure how Yen Nee ended up working for an online pet store. She has since overcome her fears, but still prefers to stay hidden behind her computer screen keeping tabs on the Nekojam site, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience for all!


Customer Service

Dion Tan

Active, energetic and really loud, Dion is the noisiest person on the team! Her love for interaction makes her more than happy to help customers’ out with their needs. She comes hand in hand with an alpaca looking toy poodle named Tang Yuan, and two chubby chinchilla; Toto and Chuchu.

Meet the Nekojam Furry Family

We believe that making our furry friends a part of the office is necessary for our team to be the best version of ourselves as we possibly can be. Our growing roster of pet employees contribute in ways that you may not know of, to help make the Nekojam online pet store a better place – To work at, as well as to shop at. See if you can recognize any of our fur-covered team mates around and about Singapore, and don’t forget to say hi!


Choops Armstrong



[icon_box icon=”basic-message-multiple” icon_position=”left” icon_style=”outlined” icon_color=”#ff8433″ title=”STOCKISTS & PARTNERS”]We should get in touch! It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a crazy game plan or not. We welcome all who can contribute positively in enriching the lives of our customers, staff, or the community at large. For matters pertaining to procurement, retailing, and pricing, get in touch with us.

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[icon_box icon=”basic-elaboration-smartphone-heart” icon_position=”left” icon_style=”outlined” icon_color=”#ff8433″ title=”PET OWNERS”]Why not sign up for an account with us, or take a couple minutes to browse our carefully curated selection of goods for you? If you need any help, we provide live chat support from Mondays to Fridays from 9AM to 6PM via the Zopim chat application in the bottom right of your browser.

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We offer jobs to those whom we can share good moments with and make even greater ideas come true. If you’re a pet lover at heart, motivated, driven, and have a burning desire to work with like-minded, fur-covered individuals, we want you on our team.

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We know trust needs to be earned. If you’re hesitating about shopping with us, why not take a moment to read a collection of reviews from Nekojam’s clientele; past and present? They’re 100% unmoderated, so you don’t have to worry about only reading the good stuff.

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