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5 Outstanding Brands of Raw Cat Food to Try in Singapore

5 Outstanding Brands of Raw Cat Food

[First published: 3 Oct 2017, last updated: 17 May 2019]

A couple of articles back, we wrote about five outstanding brands of raw dog food to try. But are we completely devoid of raw cat food for our feline counterparts? Definitely not! In fact, we have the five outstanding brands of raw food for cats right below.

1. Stella and Chewy’s

Stella and Chewy’s motto is “The most pure, pristine and economical raw nutrition available!”. So it comes to no surprise that they landed as one of the outstanding cat food brands listed here.

Each Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried raw recipe is formulated to mirror a cat’s ancestral diet! Stella and Chewy’s raw cat foods are known for providing an easy way to feed a biologically appropriate raw food diet. They come in little pellets, that are great for using as treats, sprinkled as toppers, or fed as whole foods.

  • 98% meat, organs and bone
  • Grass-fed, cage-free, wild-caught proteins
  • 100% organic fruits and vegetables
  • Fortified with added vitamins and minerals
  • Rich in taurine and enhanced with probiotics and antioxidants
  • 100% complete and balanced dinner
  • No grains; no gluten

Available flavours includes the ones listed below:

2. Primal Pet Foods

Primal Pet Food Formulas offers the convenience and benefits of a well-balanced, safe and wholesome raw-food diet without having to grind, chop, measure or mix the ingredients yourself. This significantly reduces the likelihood of bacterial contamination of the raw cat food, and thus makes the food safer for your cat’s consumption.

  • 100% antibiotic- and steroid-free USDA human-grade meats, poultry and game
  • Certified organic produce
  • No synthetic vitamins, grain, gluten, corn, wheat, soy or hormones
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Human-grade
  • Wild caught and ethically raised
  • Cage-free
  • Grass and veg fed

Primal Pet Foods for cats come in large rectangular nuggets. They’re a tad harder to crumble, but make for very convenient serving estimates! Simply count what you need, and serve.

Available flavours include:

3. Feline Natural

Feline Natural cat food is the most economical way to feed your feline cats a meaty diet. As with many of their products, their frozen raw cat food is made up of 99% meat, while the remaining 1% consists of essential vitamins, minerals and oils.

  • 100% all-natural, sustainable, free-range, and grass-fed ingredients
  • Zero grain, gluten and fillers.
  • Low in carbohydrate
  • 100% balanced nutrition
  • Great tasting
  • 90% meat sourced from a single source protein

Feline Natural is one of the only brands to include blood in its formula. While the recipes are not single-protein, they do contain some novel flavours such as lamb, hoki and salmon!

Available flavours include

4. Big Dog BARF for Cats

Yes, you read that right! Despite the brand name, Big Dog produces raw food for cats as well. Big Dog aims to provide the correct nutrition to ensure the longevity of all their customers’ pets. Based on the evolutionary diet of wild cats, Big Dog’s raw food diet for cats are produced to the same high standards as their renowned dog range and are nutritionally balanced to deliver complete health and well-being.

  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Australian
  • Zero artificial chemicals, colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Grain-free
  • Promotes healthy skin and joint health
  • Promotes bone, nail and teeth health
  • Muscle repair & growth

While the selection of proteins isn’t tremendous, Big Dog raw cat food does offer formulas in fish, turkey, and kangaroo. They are also well priced at about $3.30 a patty, weighing 120g!

Available flavours:

5. Raw Instinct

Singapore’s very own premium raw cat food brand! Raw Instinct was founded based on the evolutionary fact that all animals are preys and predators to one another. They stand firm to the belief that cats must consume fresh, raw food. The ingredients are based on human grade meat and cuts, and meets strict HACCP standards.

  • Instinct Raw is 100% raw nutrition
  • 95% real meat, organs and bones
  • 5% organic kelp and bilberry
  • 0% grain or artificial ingredients

Our absolute favourite thing about Raw Instinct raw cat foods is that they come neatly and conveniently in little cups for easy serving. Most frozen raw foods come in patties or nuggets that are difficult to defrost. Each serving weighs 85g, about the equivalent of a single can of wet cat food. It’s the same great ease of preparation, at the same great price point ($2.50/can).

Available flavours:

So Which Raw Cat Food Is Best for My Cat ?

We can’t place a preference to any one of them, as they all have their merits and they all offer the best kind of food source for our feline family member. If you’re new to raw food, however, you can look at the current flavours that your cat prefers and start by introducing them to it in phases. Is your cat a non picky eater? You’re far too lucky! You might wanna try them all to find out what is best for your cat.

At Nekojam, we have a full range of freeze-dried and frozen raw cat foods for you to choose. Give them a go and see which one your cat prefers!

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