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5 Best Cat Litters in Singapore

5 Best Cat Litters in Singapore

[First published: 6 Jan 2017, last updated: 15 May 2019]

Your Cat and The Litter Box

Small in size but full of love for the right person, cats are a joy to have! As our homes get smaller and as free time for ourselves becomes more and more scarce, pet owners are finding that cats are the perfect pet to own in apartments, HDB estates and condominiums. They don’t need to be walked, and are easy to care for. But one thing about cats sets it apart from other pets – And that is the Litter Box.

Cats are clean creatures, and owning one means you’ll need to upkeep their kitty toilet. The litter box is normally filled with a cat litter of your choice. Some considerations to think about prior to selecting a cat litter include:

  • Do you prefer clumping or non-clumping cat litter?
  • How important is odour control in the household? (Is your litter bin in a well aerated space?)
  • Does anyone in the home have a dust allergy?
  • Does your cat tend to ingest cat litter?
  • How much will the cat litter cost you every month?

The following quick guide to our 5 best cat litters in Singapore may help you make a more informed decision the next time you decide to try a new cat litter at home.

5 Best Cat Litters in Singapore

In this section we will discuss the 5 most common types of cat litters in Singapore, and compare them in terms of price, odour control, longevity and tracking potential.

Clay Cat Litter

Kit Cat- Charcoal Litter for Cats

Our Recommendation: Kit Cat Charcoal Clumping Clay Cat Litter, $8/bag

Clay cat litter is the most common type of cat litter in Singapore, and it normally boasts clumping properties. Clumping clay cat litter is normally made out of bentonite, a highly absorbent clay that forms a solid mass when liquid is introduced.

Kit Cat Charcoal Clumping Clay Cat Litter’s Performance

Price – ★★★★★
Odour Control – ★★★★★
Longevity – ★★★★★
Tracking – ★★★★

Clay cat litter is often very affordable and easily found. Prices per 10L bag can start from as low as $6. However, the pellets are very fine and dense, making each bag extremely heavy and dusty. When cats enter and exit the litter box, the clay beads are light enough to stick to their paws, and often track easily over floors. Many clumping clay cat litters are non-biodegradable, and irritable to the noses of cats and their owners because they don’t neutralize bad odour – Rather, they mask them with heavy, chemical scents. To counter this, we only recommend purchasing unscented, or charcoal based cat litters. In recent months, more cat owners have been opting for alternative cat litters that are lighter, easier to store, and less hazardous.

 Paper Cat Litterqqkit-900px

Our Recommendation: QQKIT Recyclable Paper Cat Litter in Charcoal, $12.50/bag

Paper cat litter is often made from recycled paper sources. It traditionally comes in a pellet form, but is also available in granules. Most paper litters such as Breeder Celect cat litter do not clump, instead, they absorb liquid waste, as they are compressed paper pellets. Granular paper cat litter does sometimes clump, similar to clay cat litter, but in a looser form.

QQKIT Recyclable Paper Cat Litter in Charcoal’s Performance

Price – ★★★★
Odour Control – ★★★★
Longevity – ★★★★★
Tracking – ★★★★★

Paper cat litters are extremely light and easy to store in small packages. We prefer clumping paper cat litters because they reduce wastage, and can be easily sifted out and disposed of, as opposed to paper pellets. They are also less dusty, and because of their larger size, tend to be heavier than clay granules and do not track as much. Having said that, the pellets are still considerably light and may scatter around the litter box if you have a cat that enjoys kicking around in its litter box.

 Pine Cat LitterPeewee-Cat-Pine-Pellets-Litter-14-Liter

Our Recommendation: Pee Wee Pine Cat Litter, $16.50/bag

Pine cat litter is recycled, normally from wooden scraps. They are first treated with high heat to remove toxins, oils and allergens, so that they are safe for use by our cats. Pine cat litter can come in various forms, but more commonly, pellets in Singapore. When pine cat litter comes into contact with liquid, it absorbs the liquid and disintegrates into pine dust, losing its compacted form.

Pee Wee Pine Cat Litter’s Performance

Price – ★★★★★
Odour Control – ★★★
Longevity – ★★★★
Tracking – ★★★★★

Pine cat litter smells strongly of pine, and tends to give the litter box a nice woody scent. It is also normally biodegradable. Pine cat litter when unused, has little chance of tracking because of its large size. However, we do not recommend using pine cat litter in a normal cat litter bin, because the sawdust will fall to the bottom of the litter box, making it difficult to remove due to its non-clumping abilities. If left to soak in liquid waste, it will require regular changing and may lead to unnecessary wastage. Sawdust in the litter bin also sticks to your cat’s paws and will track outside of the litter bin easily, and can also cause nasal allergies in sensitive cat owners.

Read our Pee Wee cat litter and litter box review.

Soybean Cat Litter
Fussie Cat Soybean Litter for Cats

Our Recommendation: Fussie Cat Soy Bean Cat Litter, $14.00/bag

Soy cat litter is a relatively new entrant to the market. Normally made from soybean meal and potato starch, soybean cat litter is natural and an eco-friendly option for those looking for a bio-degradable cat litter.

Fussie Cat Soybean Cat Litter’s Performance

Price – ★★★★
Odour Control – ★★★
Longevity – ★★★
Tracking – ★★★

Popular with customers from Taiwan and Japan on the Nekojam web store, soybean cat litter has clumping abilities and contains little dust. Harmless to your cat if ingested, the potato starch in the cat litter also helps it clump extremely quickly. The pellets are also granular, and weighted – They thus have little potential to track outside of the litter bin, as they do not disintegrate. Each bag contains enough to fill a single litter box, and some customers have even claimed that soybean cat litter is flushable and will not clog your toilet bowl.

You may also want to check out these other unique cat litters!

Crystal Cat Litter

Our Recommendation: Vitakraft Magic Clean Crystal Cat Litter, $8.50/bag

Crystal cat litter is made of silica gel, an excellent absorber of moisture. You may recognize silica gel as desiccants, found packaged as tiny pouches in shoe boxes. Crystal cat litter is non-biodegradable.

Vitakraft Magic Clean Crystal Cat Litter’s Performance

Price – ★★★★★
Odour Control – ★★★
Longevity – ★★★
Tracking – ★★★★★

Crystal cat litter is highly effective at absorbing moisture, and is virtually dust free. However, many cat owners doubt the dangers of crystal cat litter because it can be extremely dangerous if ingested by cats, since it is not digestible. Some cats also dislike crystal cat litter because of its sharp edges, which are uncomfortable when treaded on. It is also difficult to sift out soiled crystal cat litter, because it does not clump. Most cat owners will empty the entire litter box after a period of time instead.

Special Mention – Zeolite Cat Litter

Our Recommendation: UniCharm Zeolite Anti-Bacterial Cat Litter, $30/bag

Zeolite is a microporous, naturally occurring mineral which adsorbs ammonia, wich is what normally causes unpleasant litter box odour. Zeolite cat litter does not clump, and is often used as a filter media in aquarium settings.

UniCharm Zeolite Cat Litter’s Performance

Price ★★★★★
Odour Control – ★★★★★
Longevity – ★★★★★
Tracking – ★★★★★

While setting up the Nekoya Cat Boarding Hotel, our team was tasked to test a plethora of cat litters in search of one that was effective at controlling odour, non-tracking, as well as long lasting. Zeolite cat litter was the only cat litter we found suited to our needs, when faced with the challenge of housing up to 30 cats in a small, air-conditioned and contained space.

Zeolite cat litter is extremely heavy and does not track easily. However, unlike clay cat litter, the pellets are large and do not stick to cat paws.  A bag may seem expensive at first, but because zeolite does not absorb liquid waste, the pellets are instead used to neutralize unpleasant odour, where each bag lasts much longer without unnecessary wastage. Urine is instead absorbed by a pet sheet underneath the top tray and solid waste can be easily scooped from the surface.

For more information about zeolite cat litter and our review of UniCharm cat litter box, click To find out more about zeolite cat litter, read our review of UniCharm cat litter box.

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